Locally owned and operated.

Locally owned and operated.

Hi my name is Jerod Schoonmake, Founder of Scalp New York.

"My purpose in this world is to help men become better versions of themselves through overcoming insecurities and lack of confidence related to hair loss."
It's been my experience that there are few things more damaging and devastating to a guy's confidence than hair loss. Whether it's thinning, balding, or receding hairlines... It s*cks! But unfortunately, the reality is that majority of us will experience some kind of hair loss or thinning at some point in our lives. More than half of men in their late twenties to mid fifties experience insecurities as their crown starts thinning or temples extending further and further upwards.

Unfortunately we are living in a society, where who you are - your identity - is closely related to how you look and present yourself. And your hair is a big part of that. So if you're like most men experiencing thinning or balding, you might feel that your confidence is being effected on a daily basis. That it's getting out of your control, because hair loss makes you feel subconscious and insecure.

I started loosing my hair at a pretty early age. At first I tried to cover up my bald spots with different hairstyles and by wearing hats. But as my hair got thinner and thinner it became increasingly difficult to disguise, and my receding hairline was difficult to mask.

So I started researching alternative solutions. Like most men, the first thing that came to mind was a hair transplant. But transplants are excessively expensive, especially since the result is neither guaranteed or permanent. So another transplant could be necessary later.

Then I researched hair loss reversal drugs, like hormone injections. But quickly discovered how hair loss reversal drugs affected the lives of men. Those pills and treatments come with a risk of severe side effects, like erectile dysfunction, loss of sex drive, loss of energy, and lack of motivation. Some of those side effects are irreversible and can go on even after you stop taking the pills or getting the injections.

As I am dedicated to keeping a healthy lifestyle and taking care of my body, I didn't want to put chemicals into my system. Why would I risk my health, sex life and wellbeing for a fix with no guarantee it would it solve my issues?

I asked myself: Is a few extra strands of hair worth those consequences?

Just as I was trying to come to terms with my balding head and looking much older than my birth certificate indicates, I discovered Scalp-Micropigmentation. SMP is the fastest growing solution to hair loss, because it comes at a much lower price, than transplants, taking pills or applying creams every single day. And it's the only treatment with a guaranteed result.

After not discovering any noteworthy side effects, and reading tons of personal experiences of men who had had success with this solution, I decided to try it myself...

To be completely honest: At first I was afraid I would get negative comments. That people would tell me it looked fake or that I looked ridiculous... But I didn't receive any negative remarks - I actually got compliments! People who don't know me, think it's my natural hair.

Getting a Scalp-Micropigmentation has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. It changed my life for the better, making me more happy and confident than I had been for years.

"I suddenly felt free. I felt less controlled by my look. I didn't have to worry about how people perceived me anymore."

And because I believe SMP has brought me to where I am at today; freed of my insecurities, and made me much more confident as a man. I decided to try to make this long term sustainable solution available to as many men as possible.

I believe that all men have the right to be comfortable in themselves and have the self-esteem to achieve what they want from life. So if we can help with that through providing a safe and permanent solution to recreate receding hairlines and restore the appearance of a full set of hair, my mission is accomplished!

- Jerod Schoonmake, Founder of Scalp New York

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We are headquartered in Upstate New York, just outside Syracuse in the town of Solvay. Through affiliates we serve all of Upstate New York, and often times clients travel from across the state and beyond to our headquarters.